andrea. (remove_replace) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Early Pokedolls?

Hello, comm! This is my first time really posting here, but I come to you all with a question.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the tush tags on Pokedolls/PlushPlush from 2002 or earlier look like? Or does anyone have a picture of one?
I recently got a Phanpy Pokedoll off of eBay and the tush tag says that it's from 2002 but it doesn't look like any of the tush tags from the Pokedolls that I have that were made from 2005 onward.
I'm concerned about the authenticity of the doll...

If anyone has any information on the Phanpy Pokedoll (when it was first produced, whether or not it was re-released, how rare it is, etc.) or how rare very early Pokedolls are, that would be much appreciated too! ♥

EDIT: I found this post from the beginning of the year about a Corsola Pokedoll with the same tag, so I think this may be a similar situation.
Tags: phanpy
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