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Pika question and possible GA?

Hey guys! I found this guy awhile ago and nabbed him! I thought he was normal at first until I realized that he had an orange tag, and the other regular one that I'm used to seeing has a blue one. I just wanna ask why he maybe has an orange tag, and what would his pricing be due to this different tag? :3 Help is appreciated! 

EDIT: Thanks guys! All the help is great! Finally got some answers :D

Here are some pictures as well (:

And on another note, does someone wanna maybe do bidding/shipping for this lot? :3

I'm interested in the Dragonite, but I'm not sure if my funds will allow it. :/ (I'm still saving to buy the new canvas :D) So I may not even claim anything lol. Just let me know if your interested in helping! It's an Ebay lot, and the asking price is really high, so I'm not sure if raising enough is even a question, but worth a shot! (: 
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