Panda (maractus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tepig for sale/trade?

Really quick post for today
I just got the ~Terrific Tepig box~ but I already have the Kaiyodo figure for him

So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade?

(Img from flickr and isn't mine, let me know if it's yours and want it taken down)

Basically I'm looking for any of these figures I don't have...all I have are the three Unova starters. So Entei, Victini, or something? Or Reshiram but I doubt anyone would trade that xD

If nobody wants to trade, I might just sell him. Shoot me an $3? I don't know how much these usually go for XD

Also, everything from my last post has been mailed with the exception of the payments that needed to clear--those will go out this week! And I AM working on commissions, slowly but surely =P

That's all for today <3
Tags: tepig
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