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Reorganization, Gets, and Battrio Wants!

Hey everybody! I thought I'd post the progress I've made with reorganizing some of my collection shelves. c:

Before I dive into new pictures, I figured I'd show before pics of the shelves I reorganized.

First white shelf (so dusty oh my gosh. Look at those PokeBalls. xD)

Second white shelf

Top of wooden bookshelf

Now for after pics! C:

First white shelf, newly dusted and coins added! Those coins were in a box before, but I decided to put them up like the more recent coins in my collection.

Second white shelf, also newly dusted! I put the figures more closly together and shoved the 10th anniversary silver ones on there from my wooden bookshelf too. I enjoy how it came out, since the Charizard figures are together. C:

The top of my wooden shelf had a lot of space after I took of my 10th anniversary figures, so I moved my new kids around and put my new tins in the back. <3 Now I have more room for incoming figures!

Speaking of the new tins, I have a few recent gets! :D

First up, the awesome Emboar and Samurott bottle cap figures from the tins above. I really love the poses of these, they're very unique! C: I bought the two tins on sale when Toys R Us had their big Black Friday shibang.

Axew Jakks! The Target that I frequently visit actually had the new Jakks figure single packs, which I was really psyched about <3 They also had the new series of plush and multi-figure packs. The Woobat in the Pidove-Woobat-Pignite pack made me laugh, since the nose was falling out. |D

That's it for my new gets and organized shelves! I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them. C:

I'd also like to leave my battrio wants list, since I've had a strange craving for coins lately.
Battrio wants here! <3
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