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Hello Guys!

i am back from my trip. well, Tuesday 11/22 i was back and MAN was i tired. then the days that followed i was busy and that is why this post is later than planned......

ANYWAY i am so sorry for another new post about the meet up, but my last one's "cut" was messed up and i thought it easier to make a new post. the pokemon movie site has UPDATED with NEW theaters! HOORAY!! so we need to discuss where to have the meet up again. please click below for more info:

i think we should still stick with the time and date: Saturday December 3, 2011 at 11 am

along with meeting in front of the theater. now there is a theater that i think will be much easier for most of us to get to:

Mesa Grande 24
1645 South Stapley Drive
Mesa AZ 85204

**as a note, this is a AMC theater

THIS makes ME very happy. i will be able to have my mom take me and pick me up. how does this work out for everyone else? i am thinking this theater is much closer for everyone than the Scottsdale one. Thoughts? please voice your thoughts below.

also, here is the link to the previous post with driver information: click here for previous post

if this theater works out, there are a lots of eating places within the shopping center the theater is located at and there is a Walmart and a Gamestop:)

i cannot believe the meet up is this this coming Saturday! sounds like we should have a good sized group. see you all Saturday!

***also, as always, feel free to ask any questions and please put any suggestions. Thanks! :)

**UPDATE** AS OF 11/30(12/1)

I just checked AMC's website and they show ONE SHOWING on Saturday for the movie. (AND only for Saturday; no Sunday showing!) when is the showing?

10:30 AM

we need to move the meet up. i am thinking to move it to 9:30 am. i know this is early:( :/ but i want to make sure to give people time to get to the theater, get the tickets, and get our seats. i am not sure how busy it is going to be. we might not be able to all sit together(which isn't that big of a deal).

what do you guys think? is 9:30 am good? man! i can't believe they are only having one showing. i guess because it is being showed at other theaters and there are a lot of movies out right now.......

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