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Here, let me give you some money!

Hi pkmncollectors, I'm alive! Barely, haha. But still.

Christmas is coming and once again my parents have no idea what to give me. :D So it's time for another one of those want posts~ Below the cut is a list (neatly organized by pokedex number, unlike last time when it was by alphabetic order and generation =p) of pokemon I collect or plan to collect, as well as items I'm particularly interested in of said pokemon. Feel free to offer me stuff! Customs are okay too. o3o

Please don't be offended if I turn down any offers, I can't buy everything! I might be willing to buy some things for myself (rather than for my parents to give me), too, who knows. Also, when offering, I'd appreciate if you could name a price already~ I'm in Brazil, so if you can't ship internationally, don't post!

First Generation


I'm not gonna lie to you, it's going to be hard to find something you can offer me of this little guy. I have a pretty big collection, haha. =p Unusual merch and customs is the way to go! Also interested in completing the rainbowww of those solid color mini model thingies.


And Ninetales too, maybe. I don't really collect this line, but I have a few items and I'd like to have more. Kids figures might be interesting, as well as plush and any other cute thing you may have of the foxes. Because it's not a collection of mine though, priority for them is not very high.


Love the little two headed bird. I already have all the basics, such as the tomy, zukan, kids figure... So offer me stuff that's not so common, and I might be interested. ;D


I don't really know what kind of Lapras merch is out there, so show me what you've got! I already have the tomy, zukan, regular kids figure, chibi pokemodel, charm, suction cup and some other figures that I'm not sure what they are, haha. I'd love to get some attack kids!


I know there's tons of merch for him out there, I just don't know any specifics. xD I have both Tomys, a battle museum and a kids figure. And a charm. Stuff with not so generic poses is loved, though I have no idea what kind of stuff that'd be... Also, I'd like to get a zukan piece to go with my Vaporeon zukan piece. >3>


Speaking of the devil... Vaporeon is my favorite out of all the eeveelutions, and yet I have so little stuff of her! In need of the old Tomy, a regular kids figure, and any nice looking figures you might have. Also customs, maybe? Who knows.


He just wants a hug! I still need the Tomy of this little guy, as well as the zukan. I have no idea what kind of merch there is, but I also have a charm, the megablok, two kids, a stamp, a battle museum figure and a mysterious figure I have no idea what it is. xDDD Show me what you've got!


I seriously love Dratini. I have the tomy, zukan, bellplush and some figures. In need of a kids figure and who knows what else?


I love Dragonair even more than Dratini. In serious need of the battle museum figure, it has been avoiding me it seems! Also show me what kind of merch you have. o3o

Second Generation


I don't collect him, but I'd like to have a nice sized plush of the little egg. Other cute merch might be okay too~


All I have of her is the tomy, a stamper and the brazilian figure thingy. I want more. =p Show me what you've got.


I have the zukan and the Jakks figure, and that's it. I want moar yanmas! D: No idea what kind of merch it has though.


My second favorite eeveelution~ I have very few stuff of her! I'd love to get a zukan piece, as well as the attack kid, and who knows what else. I don't know much about the merch she has.


It's kind of a side collection of mine. I'd like to get a tomy of her, and also find out what other merch she has other than the zukan, jakks figure and a kids figure, haha.


I have such a tiny collection of him! The Tomy, as well as some nice plush (not the mascot or the mcdonalds though, I have those) are things I might be interested in.


A collection I don't pay half as much attention to as I should. I don't know much about his merch, but I'd like to get figures that are not in that generic standing pose.

Third Generation


I love the little fire bird! I don't know the name of any of his merch, or practically any, though, so show me photos so I can see if I have it or not! Cute figures and plush are a want~ (Also I know of the Pokemon Time promotion thing that has Torchic in it. I'll be getting some stuff from Sunyshore too. ;D)

Ralts... And the rest of the line.

A collection I don't care about so much. I want the tomys, though. Maaaaybe a nice custom.

Fourth Generation


Yaaaay burd! I have the tomy, zukan, jakks figure, pokedoll, and soon will have a shiny round plush. o3o If you have other stuff to offer me, go ahead!

Fifth Generation


What kind of merch does he have anyway? All I have is a kids figure.

Deerling (any form)

I like all forms, but spring is preferred! What merch does this cutie have? xD I'm way behind on 5th gen merch.


Baby spider! Among my top favorite pokemon of all time. I have the kids and the halloween plush already, though, so if you have nice customs to offer...~ Miiight want Galvantula stuff too. I have nothing of big spider.


I could use a plush of this adorable fish thingy. Does he have a plush? xD I'd like one.

Well, that's it for the list! I think it's quite big, haha. Happy offering me stuff!

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