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tcg wants, tiny sales and gauging interest?

Okay, so three orders of business today. XD
First I'm looking to try and complete my Japanese BW sets before the next couple ones come out.
I'm looking for the following:

BW1 Zekrom SR
BW2 Victini SR / BW2 N SR
BW3 Kyogre SR / BW3 Mewtwo SR / BW3 Zoroark UR / BW3 Hydreigon UR
BW3 Emboar UR

If you have any of these in MINT condition and 1st ED, please post here with how much you're looking for.
I'll either accept or counter your offer.
If you would like to trade instead, please take a look at my sales thread and we can work out something that way (which would be better XD).
Sales post: http://drag0n-aura.livejournal.com/2169.html
Thanks! =D


Next, I just found these four cards wrongly sorted, so rather than retaking pics to put them up in my sales, I'd rather just sell them.
These are Mew PRIME, Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND [Top], HGSS Arcanine and a Japanese NEO3 Crobat, all mint.

NEO3 Crobat - $3.00
HGSS Arcanine - $2.00
Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND [Top] - $8.00
Mew PRIME - $15.00


Also, I'm thinking about putting my HGSS sets reverse holo collection up for sale, but I'd rather get them sold in one shot rather than selling them individually. I have around 200 reverse holos from the HGSS, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumpant and Call of Legends sets. About 150 are in truly MINT condition, meaning no scratches whatsoever, and the rest have very minimal scratches, which is what most people consider mint (why, I don't know XD). I would accept offers no less than $100 not including shipping and fees. If you're interested, comment below and we can talk more in detail about it. =3
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