Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mewtwo help? :]

Hey! I was wondering if anyone on the com could help me, only a quickie really. 
I am aware this art came out on deck sleeves http://cdn-ak.f.st-hatena.com/images/fotolife/p/pekachu_photo/20111028/20111028003657.jpg but I am SO badly after a poster print of it, does anyone know if it come out on poster size? ;w; - 

Now I know it didn't come out, does anyone have a good scan of the clearfile OR The clearfile for sale? I want to hang it in a frame in my room! :) 

Also, I would love to know the rarity of this toy, and how much it goes for - http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/2302466089/in/set-72157604017422854/

Thank you so much allinia for helping me out over mewtwo!! I am forever happy >w<!! 

.. If you have any super cute looking mews or mewtwos let me know, I kinda want a mini side collection of them both <3 Thanks so much com!
EDIT : So sorry for all the edits on this one, but thank you all so much for all your help! - I am looking for any joint mewtwo and mew merch, for example

Tags: mew, mewtwo, wanted
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