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Hello! :D Everything from my PC run a few weeks ago has been mailed out, and all packages except for 2 from my other sales have been mailed out (and the remaining ones will be out by the end of this week). Buyers, if you have any questions, let me know! And please let me know when your items arrive/leave me feedback here if you get the chance. Thank you!

Wants: Quick wants! I am looking for flats (TCG/stickers/whatnot) of any of the Sewaddle line! I'm also after the weedle card that was from the vending machine set. Let me know if you have any of these for sale, prz!

Since I'll be stuck in Tokyo this weekend for a doctor's appointment, I'll be heading in to do another small Pokemon Center run. This time I'll be picking up some Pokemon Canvas series stuff and things from the new Pixel series coming out this Saturday.

Things to note:

*I live in Japan, and items will be shipped airmail. Shipping costs depend on the country you live in, weight of the package, and packing materials necessary. I usually go to the post office on Mondays and Fridays to mail things.

*Prices/payment is in USD, to be paid via paypal.

*Sales permission was granted by denkimouse in January 2011.

*I don't think a lot of people will be interested, but just in case! I will cut off pickups if it gets to a point where I don't think I could easily manage it or carry it all home.

What: Picking up Pokemon Canvas and Pokemon Pixel goods at the Pokemon Center.
When: I'm going on Saturday, December 3rd Japan time. I will get back to everyone about how the run went by the end of Sunday (Japan time) and would like to be paid by the end of the following Wednesday (Japan time). If you do not send payment/you back out afterward, I WILL leave you negative feedback.

How much:

Canvas series:

plush: 15$ each.
(charmander, bulbasaur, squirtle, chikorita, totodile, cyndaquil, mudkip, treecko, torchic, piplup, turtwig, chimchar, oshawott, tepig, snivy)
clearfile: 6$
(Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl)
totebag: 36$
keychains: 15$ each
(Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl)
stickers: 4.50$ each
(Red/Blue, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl)

Pixel series:

pixel figures: 16$ each.
(male trainer, pikachu, female trainer, N, Cheren, Bianca)
Clearfiles: 6$ each.
(N, Cheren, Reshiram/Zekrom, Bianca)
Straps: 9$ each
(N, Cheren, Bianca)
Totebag: 27$
Memopads: 9$ each
(N, Cheren, Bianca)
Sticker sets: 6$ each
(N, Cheren, Bianca)
Badges: 3$ each
(Black, white)

If you're interested in something else or something from another series, talk to me about it! :O I'm happy to pick up other stuff this time around, too, but I won't get anything fragile. Have any questions? Just ask!

The List:
1. poliwhirl - 2 N figures, 1 N clearfile, 1 G/S clearfile
2. sugar0coated - Tepig canvas plush
3. cyritic 4 booster packs (2 psycho, 2 hail), bulbasaur/mudkip canvas plush
4. chaos_21 charmander canvas, wailord earphones
5. slut_lover49 bulbasaur canvas plush
6. leavanny squirtle, tepig, oshawott canvas plush
7. tortoises 4 CF (canvas set), 4 stickers (canvas set), piplup/charmander/squirtle canvas plush, R/B keychain, l canvas memopad, l canvas pouch, 4 canvas sketchbooks, PT tote bag, 3 PT sticker sets
8. dewott 1 R/B sticker sheet, 2 G/S sticker sheets
9. samurwatt drilbur pokedoll, charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur canvas
l0. pacificpikachu R/B and G/S CF, N and Bianca CF, G/S keychain, M, Bianca, N figures.
11. infaru N pixel figure
12. zora_star squirtle, charmander, bulbasaur canvas plush
13. bellyofthewolf N, Cheren, and F trainer pixel figures
14. crasherwake bulbasaur and tepig canvas plush, cheren strap
15. dionashi Christmas charm set, 2x Zekrom pixel card sleeves, TCG pixel box, pixel boxers (l m, 1 l), scraggy with you pin
16. rypeltajaroll Bianca figure
17. yogiras bulbasaur/charmander canvas plush, whimsicott pokedoll, canvas sketchbook
18. tailglow starter canvas plush (all)
19. tayran charmander canvas plush

A11 pickups have been mailed as of Dec. 12-15 except for the one person who paid late, and I will mail theirs next week.
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