Hellblaze (waspxbee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Fall Pokemon Gets :D

Well these gets are for last for the year cause Xmas is around the corner and I need to get xmas gifts for the family. Money's been hectic due to not having a job and family issues. Here's the gets I was able to get for the Fall. :)

Reshiram his tag is attached and sitting on my bed. Found him on ebay no one bidded on him to give him a home :(

Tepig and Axew Jakks. I looked all over my Target for these two and all they had was Pidoves x.x I found these on ebay and bidded on them the seller hand plenty left. They were $10 each.

Well that's all for the gets right now it's time for Xmas gifts for the family :D Now...as you all know the movie is coming out on Dec 3rd and 4th only at theaters. My theater just updated it'll be shown at my location and I'm going to see it! ^w^ Check your state and where you can see it. http://pokemon.cinedigm.com/get-tickets#IL  If not Cartoon Network will show it on Dec 10th a double feature of both movies on two days. http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cartoon_Network_to_air_a_double_movie_marathon_on_Dec._10

I'll take pics of the poster if there is one and me going to see the movie. :) Is anyone gonna see the movie too at their location? O:

Also..Merry Xmas ^w^ We put our tree up after Thanksgiving :D Btw Zekrom is on the chair lol XD

Taken with my DSi XL I'm hoping to get a 3DS from my uncle this year. owo

Tags: axew, collection, plush, reshiram, tepig, zekrom
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