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foaming at the mouth

Oh hey its that one chick who collects dragonites-
I know I have a GA post still on the front page (From yesterday mind you,) and you'll see another post from me tomorrow reminding for that same GA BUTTTTTTTTT. I just could not. not. Share. What. is. HERE. In my ROOM.
QWQ <3

If even though its the next day I am not allowed to post again I guess just tell me and I will regretfully take this down. D: But it is the next day! XD And Im just using my one post a day for three days in a row. >_>
As most stories of intense happiness here often do start, this starts with a box. But not just any box. A box wrapped in christmas wrapping! :"D Christmas came early here for Meee

A box filled with those package nut things! JUST WHAT I WANTED<3333

Dont play with knifes kids. I mean you dont even know how gentle I was with that. XD Heres my, OH LOOK. There was something hiding in that box photo. Hmmm. Better investigate.

SQUEEEEEEEEEE<3 I have long waited for you, MY dragonite friend!!! This is a dragonite a good friend agreed to get for me <3 They are so awesome. ;o; They made this even more special by wrapping it and giving it a FREAKING ADORABLE BOW. ./diesofhappiness. THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU ARE READING THIS.

In case you didn't know, This pokedoll here has long been one of my biggest grails. Yup yup~! My brother ran down stairs thinking something was wrong with me, the sound I made. >_> XD HE ALSO picked it up and pretended to throw it for our dogs. I nearly tackled him LOL like OMG you dont even know how much that cost Q_Q XD

Also for those overly curious people wondering whats in the other package.. Well.

Two mamoswine figures, A lickilicky (My new kind of obession >O> always liked this fellow, finally decided to collect him.) and A pichu for my best friend who likes Noched ear pichu XD. Pichu is a little dizzy from air travel still though of course,

Here is a photo of all the new Dragonite stuff I have collected in the last month and a half or so. :D I would name names but I actually dont have them anymore. T_T Unless they left feedback I cant remember who I bought what from! So I just wont name names. XD Though that dragonite keychain had its fair travels! I bought it but it was sent to the wrong dragonite fan! Luckily we dragonite fans stick together! They sent it to me and I'm so happy they did <3 My collection just keeps getting bigger!
I also got lots of other things -pokedolls and what not- But I'm going to wait until another day to photograph them (like when I get my shelves in XD) Also some customs coming in and they are CUTE. So look forward to that and a group dragonite shot. I've also been playing with clay and making christmas pokemon sculptures. Might include that in a post after they are done.
Now BRB gotta find glass case or something.
Also has anyone heard from  [info]darkfaeprincess or gotten something from the Elisha1288 GA? I never got my stuff... QQ I replied to their last message sent to me but have gotten nothing so I was just wondering. Still havent heard from [info]krokorok but I hate giving negative feedback- but I hate not getting my stuff more <_<
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