mewtwo32 (mewtwo32) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally gathered up the courage...

Hello there everyone.

I am sort of new to the community, I have been lurking for a few months and never made a post before.. So hello and nice to meet you all. I am a bit shy so this is long overdue. I find all your collections amazing, and I have been able to see all the merchandise that is out there through this community. So many thanks to you guys.

I have played the Pokemon games since I was young, and I have been collecting for 5 years. I am an old school Pokemon fan. I really don't like Pokemon past the 3rd generation, and a very select few from the 3rd gen itself. As you can probably tell by my username my favorite Pokemon is Mewtwo. Sadly I do not have any Mewtwo merchandise as of right now.

 I Have many other merchandise and have already started collections of my other favorite Pokemon.

I also have a question about a Pokedoll? tag?.. I'm very confused so if any help I would appreciate it.

Yeah I have way too many plush than I can handle honestly. I have around 220 plush total. Some are not even pictured. Sorry for the jumble and mess.. There is absolutely no way I can fit them all in one picture.

Here are my bigger plush.
The charmander is around 30 inches.

Here is one of my collections, the Charmander line.. but as you can see I only have charmanders at the moment.

My Plusle and Minun collection it is very small right now.
The large ones are the 1:1 Scale I think.. They are from the Pokemon Center and so soft to the touch. I love them.

My Mareep and Ampharos collection.
I have 2 of the large ampharos's with tags. One of the mareep's turns into a Pokeball , one vibrates and the other says Bandai on it!

My squirtle line collection.

My Totodile and Cyndaquil line collection. Very small but I hope for it to grow overtime.

My Chikorita line collection. And my solo bulbasaur line collection lol.

And my favorite plush overall in my collection.

Oh and for the question.
Is the larger charmander plush in the above picture a Pokedoll? It resembles the charmander Pokedoll very closely. I know on the tag below it says Plush Plush in Japanese and pokedoll nowhere but I was just curious what he was? I picked him up for $8 on Ebay awhile ago so I wanted to know.

Thank you very much for looking and again very nice to meet you all.

Tags: charmander, chikorita, introductions, plush, squirtle
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