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[I accidentally deleted this whole entry.]


I thought I would re-introduce myself since I made my first ever post like, over a year ago and thought maybe you guys would think it's cool to see my stuff!

To those of you that don't know me - Hi!! My name is Ashley and I am a 22 year old chick from Chicagoland. I've seriously loved Pokemon sense like, the day I was born. Or since blue version came out. I've been on and off in Pokemon tcg and I've finally started collecting that again too! And with the help of this community in the past year, my shelves have blossomed! Most of you probably know me as a Dragonite collector but I also collect Phanpy, Emolga, and Ekans/Arbok/Seviper. Plus a lot of spontaneous collections.
It's kind of funny that my favorite type is STEEL and I only one ONE STEEL THING. I am a SLOW collector. Like, serious. I'M ALWAYS BROKE OKAY. But ya know what, I feel like I have the most perfect collection in the world AND I LOVE IT. SO ONTO THE SHOW.

[I bet you can see my grail get from here. And that's my snake's, Roofie, cage.]

So this was my Nite' collection like, forever ago.


Still small, but now it's this.

Do you see it yet?

YEAH. CHECK THAT GRAIL GET OUT BABY. He's falling over and all fat and stuff BUT LOOK AT HIM.
He's seriously like the best thing in my collection. The whole reason I joined the community was to get him and I FINALLY DID.

These are the random figures I've gotten. I'm kind of really picky about what I buy so I don't have a lot of those purposely. My favorite is the dragonite messenger kid.

Rest of the Nite' plush! My favorite is the far right one. I think the other two might be bootlegged. But who knows, other people bought them for me like a year ago. I might sell one (and one of the kids I have doubles of.)

Other cool stuff! Spanish postcard - it's the only flat I've ever bought from here but i was like, WHY NOT. The Tomy I got from ACen.

Okay so seriously, why does Ninetales have like, no merch? I might sell what I have because they kind of just sit there. But at the same time, I love them. LOOK HOW PRETTY ;--------------; DILEMMAS. That Dragonite book was also a gift. It's super cute!

Now, my Phanpys. These dudes are my 2nd favorite Pokemon ever. I think everything here I got from the comm except for the small plush. Phanpy is the only complete zukan I have. I also have his piece from the other starter zukan thing. I think one of the Tomys (lighter one) is supposed to be shiny. That's pretty sweet, ya.

'Ews. I totally wanted this to be a HUGE COLLECTION but I was broke and slow at it. So this is what I got right now. That huge Axew is seriously like, the SQUISHIEST, SOFTEST THING IN THE WORLD. I suggest any other 'ew collectors get one.

Starter collection, hasn't really changed much so I will keep on rollin'.

Few things about this picture. A: See my ONE AND ONLY STEEL THING? Poor Mawile. I swear, one day you will grow. B: I started to collect TFG but realized my perfectionist in me would want to complete it all. And yeah, those Groundbreakers. Not even going to try. So I just kept the ones I liked. C: Mini-kips! I for some reason didn't fix them. So you get to see kip's kid butt. D: MY SUGAR GLIDER 'MOLGAS. I know, there is a lot missing. But they are the best 5th gen pokemon. I need to display them better. The shelf they are on is crooked so they all fall into each other. =/

More TFGs. That DS case I won in the anniversary contest. I really like the art on it but I might sell it. Probably not though because I am a hoarder. And my Dweebs! He needs more merch. I have that round-headed one coming soon from donny but that's about it! :(

Suprise!! More dragons. And a really. REALLY. dusty shelf. My favorite is the overdrive zukan. HE'S BOSS LOOKING.
[Sorry Zekrom lovers, he looks cheap to me. Reshi is totally hip and stuff though.]

Shelf of randomness begins! That Magikarp car I got in the background I found at TRU a few months ago. It was on clearance for 80-something cents. So I was like F--------- YEAH! And my cheebees. the. best. merch. EVER. Better than Pokedolls and lakjfaldkfj I wish they still kept making them. =/  I still need that Pikachu-bee though.

Everyone has some random 'chus in their collection, right? Cuz these are mine. I will probably sell them soon. Anybody want to offer, go for it while I ponder!

Snakes! Quils! (One whoe doesn't want to stand) I've obviously saved the BEST FOR LAST IN THIS PICTURE.
Just wait for it.

Close up of snakes! I just recentlly started collecting them so it's small but it's going!

Wait, what's that purple thing in the background, you ask?

But is my first, and only custom. Made by the wonderfull, glacidea
Seriously. Everyone. COMMISSION HER. She makes the best friggen plush I have EVER SEEN.
I'm still spasdic about getting him.

And easily in my top 3 things in my collection.

Erhrmmmm. That is all!
Big thanks to everyone in the community who has helped me!! I owe ya. All of ya'll!

Now random things:
If you want to entertain my wants or are selling things I don't already have, please see my wanted list here!
If we have made a purchase to/from eachother and we haven't exchanged feedback, please go here and link me yours!
And all posts need a random sales plug here! HAGGLE AND OFFER AND THINGS I JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY.

(And also, to the two GAs I owe money in that I just saw, I'll send it over tomorrow. Black Friday killed my wallet. Sorry. ;-;)

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