shiny-s (shiny_s) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Massive, massive price check (looking to possibly sell this as a lot), also premade pin sales!

The time has come where my wallet has worn thin and I need to weed my collection down to some specific pokemon... So, dear community, I need your help.

How much do you think this lot is worth? If you know specific price ranges for any of these items (even if its just one item) or could give me a rough estimate/price range for all this stuff, I would *greatly* appreciate it.

Below the cut you will see a variety of things ranging from a mwt ampharos banpresto plush to various pokedolls and other plush to tomys to old beat up stuff from when I was little.

I also must warn you this post is quite image-heavy, so yeah~

Also, I am selling PREMADE pokemon pins, which you can see below! This means all the designs I've got already drawn. My tablet is broken so I can't take commissions right now. =(

Thakns for looking!
Tags: ampharos, bulbasaur, charizard, mewtwo, pikachu, squirtle, turtwig, umbreon
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