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Well!! Finally i get a chance to do a collection update with some new gets! It's been awhile since i've been on two vacations in the space of a month or so.. Singapore was epic as always.. but no Pokemerch gets i'm afraid =< only Dragonball & One Piece
It's just a small update for now! since i've not been waiting on much.. but after i've gotten my christmas present off <lj user="myvampirelust19"> (Hitmonchan Bell plush!!) i'll do a bigger update.

Just a quick reintro I'm Spideyroxas, 21 year old MALE! XD I'm known also sometimes as "The Cyndaquil guy" since it's my main collection, but i also collect Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan as hardcore! I have a few side collections in Magmar Line, Electabuzz Line, The Muppets & Hitmontop, I enjoy socialising on the comm and out of it XD and i love to help new members and stuff.. Ive made a few friends on the comm who are always a joy to talk to (You should know who you are) I think like everyone i spend waaaaay more than i should on Pokegoods!

*EDIT* Also who do you have to email pictures to submit to Pokeplushproject, i've tried to contact and sent pictures of Cyndaquils they don't have on there.. but never heard back and no pictures have been put on there.. That section seriously is lacking!

Here's a preview


First off i got my new Cyndaquil Canvas plush! Man i love it more than the Original!

Can you guess which one is the original & which one is the 2011?

Adorable tag! The art work isn't new but the presentation is much better! 

Notable differences are the Original is fatter, The new ones arms are sewn to the body, The brown on the eyes is lighter on the 2011 one & The tush tag had moved to under the stomach on the 2011 instead of under the flame on the original.

This makes me want to get the Kanto ones MORE!

I got this ages ago but wanted to put it in an update! Typhlosion League poster! I won this of Truxor, and for it's starting price.. i thought i'd have competition but i had none! I adore this artwork <3

I don't think i've shown the twins in an update either! They're called John & Edward after the infamous Jedward! I got the untagged one (John) of Pikachux (Thanks so much!!) and the Tagged one off Segamew! (After the drama) I love them so much, Everytime i see a Hitmontop plush now, i want to buy it..

And now for the teaser image!

My newest X-System custom! Hitmonchan Pokedoll AAAAAAAHHH He's so perfect! Finally an adorable Hitmonchan plush (Don't mention his inbred cousin by Play-by-play) His little feets <33

BROS! They're perfect together! I'm super happy to now have both of them! I could just cuddle them both all day

Family Portrait! LOVELOVELOVE! <3

So this is my current set up for Lee/Chan merch! I'm so glad i have Chan's Pokedoll now! Some how the collection feels more and more like it's nearly complete!

And finally current Cyndaquils (Not including Phlosions, Plush & Flats i forgot to take a picture)
Also if anyone is interested i've updated my website!

So whatta you guys think of them? I'm excited for the new year! Hopefully the B&W starts to die down more and Previous Gens get back into the swing of new Merch!

Bon Voyage!
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