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My sales are overflowing...

...with metal figures! A semi-grail has popped up, right after I've bought several expensive Christmas gifts for my family XD I figured it's time to stop hoarding all these pretty metal collection figures and earn some quick funds. Click the cut for the goods!

Info and Rules
  • All items are secondhand unless otherwise mentioned, and may have scratches or paint rubs on them. Most of these are noted, but please be understanding if I've missed something.

  • Once you receive your total from me, please send your payment!
    My Paypal Address: gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com
    Please make sure your address is correct, and include your LJ name and purchase in the memo ♥

  • Trades: No trades this round! Need grail moneyyyyy D:

  • Holds: I will hold for 48 hours.

  • Shipping: All items are shipped in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested. I ship international orders on Thursday from 85032, US. Domestic orders may go out sooner :)
    I am not responsible for items lost in the mail - let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance!

  • Feedback is here, yo.

Shipping starts at $3 for up to three metal figures, and goes up by $0.50 each three after. These guys are heavy! If you're not buying metal figures, shipping is my usual flat $2.50 :)

These are priced according to condition and rarity (ie. I have a lot of gold mewtwo, but the ones in better condition will cost more), but I may accept reasonable haggling :)

$5 figures:

Sold: mewtwo

Magneton is $8.
Sold: meowth
Hold: kabuto

Silver electrode is $10.

Silver butterfree is $10, back row is $4 each.
Sold: dewgong, gloom, arbok
Hold: sandshrew

Mew is $8. (on hold)
Sold: arcanine

Sold: porygon (faded red), charizard
Hold: kabutops, grimer

Sold: growlithe

Sold: meowth, wartortle
Hold: charmander

Parasect and ditto are $7.
Sold: snorlax

$4 figures:

Sold: cubone
Hold: dodrio

Sold: arcanine

Sold: arcanine

Silver seadra is $10.

Hold: jirachi, plusle, torchic, bulbasaur, blastoise, mew

Sold: porygon, aerodactyl, gloom, meowth
Hold: magikarp

Hold: magikarp
Sold: snorlax

Sold: electrode

$3 figures:

Sold: nidoking

Sold: venonat

$2 figures:

Most of these have a considerable amount of paint wear.
Sold: chansey, venomoth, pidgeot, deoxys, trapinch
Hold: grimer

$3 Korean Metal Pins:

Hold: Starmie

$5 Chibi Stampers:

Notes: Togepi has a bit of tape residue on the bottom, and staryu is $2 since it's a banpresto 151 stamper.
Sold: vileplume, sudowoodo
Hold: charmander

$3 In-Case figures:

Notes: Alakazam's case has some damage, and wigglytuff and golem's cases don't like to stay on when picking them up.
Sold: mewtwo, lickitung

$2 In-case figures (no case):

Sold: venomoth, pikachu
Hold: both eevee

$2 Mini Models + Others:

Sold: both Mewtwo
Hold: kabuto

Kids: back row is $2, front row is $1.

Sold: Miltank, both Castform
Hold: Altaria, Starmie

$1 Bandai Retsuden stampers: may have ink residue (these are not pre-inked)

Sold: Oddish, Cubone

$1 Full Color Stadium figures: may have some paint wear.

Sold: Seel, attack Vileplume, Cubone x2, Pidgeotto, Venonat, Nidoran M, clear Nidoran M x1, Snubbull, Electabuzz, Machoke, Ponyta, Metapod (clear) x1, Butterfree, Dewgong, Seaking, Rapidash, Machop, both clear Pikachu
Hold: Marowak, Togepi, Seaking, Gengar, surfing Pikachu

$1 Misc Figures:

Sold: both Porygon, blue chou get base
Hold: tailow, wurmple

A couple quick notes: everything from my last sales post has been shipped as of last week, though a few went out later than planned due to a couple insane days at work courtesy of BOGO deals OTL And for my plush GA participants, I'm still waiting on the invoice ^^ I'll comment/PM everyone once it's here.

Edit: Thank you so much everyone for helping to fund my semi-grail! I can now share what it is since the auction is over...

Lucario pokedoll cushion! ;A; I've been looking for this guy for a few years after losing him in a lot of assorted plush. I'm so excited!!!
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