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Lifesize GA...

It's in! Well, it's been in since Thursday but today was the first day I had space to unpack the GIANT BOX.
Seriously you have no idea, two people could sit in it. Just remember your one small plush is part of a giant, space-stealing hoard.

You know what this means! Lots and lots of photos! All of the plush were in amazing, fluffy new condition. They're clearly from a collector rather than a kid. :D
Well... apart from my Eevee which has a hole in his side, my Pikachu which is very worn from cuddling, and my buneary's eyes that are scuffed a bit.. Also, the smaller Turtwig has some light food dirt on his head.
Any threads you see sticking out are just factory ones that need to be snipped, not pulls or damage.

I just photographed these as I pulled them out of the box, so they're not sorted by user or anything.

I think this pikachu gives birth or something, IDK.

Empoleon is very nice and suede-like, with tags!

This little guy has a dirty top to his head which doesn't show too well in these pictures.

Clean, no damage. :) Nice minky fabric.


A little bit shelf-grubby I think. Like slightly off-white in places. I dunno, he might just be that sort of fabric.

Very floppy! :) His face is nice soft furry fabric, like the Pika and Eevee I won.

Celebi is in a bag with tags. That bag isn't sealed, but it has a barcode and I think it's his original bag.

The fur on the 1:1 plush is SO nice. Lovely and soft and long. It looks really cheap, short and velour like in these pics, but it's lovely lovely. Kid for scale.

1:1 Piplup has a little freckle ink stain on his butt. Sorry. :< Otherwise he is glorious and I would be jealous were I into this generation's starters.

All seems fine!

New and fluffy!

I like the detailing on this, I'm not a bird fan, but little wittle feets!



I was so excited for these two, it was nice to finally unbox them! Very floppy and soft, but Pika has been cuddled so much that his stuffing is flattened and his fur is worn on his body, and Eevee has holes and pulled stitches. Guess I took the hit in this GA, haha.

TOMY Buneary! Ooo! Slightly worn eyes, and dirty wool.. And Minun is just... Awful. So stiff and un-cuddly. He's like an ornament more than a plush. Yucky yuck.

Nobody wanted this squishy guy. Which is a shame because he is wonderful soft minky fleece. He also talks.

Jazzbie's unpaid 1:1 TOMY Turtwig. It's so freaking nice that I'm actually considering it.


I will try and get all the small and pokedoll plush ready tomorrow and posted Friday. Bigger guys, you're gonna have to let me clear out the smaller stuff first.
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