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a very canvas update

I've been so excited for my canvas package to arrive from denkimouse that I just had to take lots of photos once it got here! I love canvas plush so much~

Let's take a look at the very cute, very neat mug and dish set!! I ended up getting the Johto set in hopes of a cute quagsire or wooper art being depicted, but this is not the case. (As seen on the clearfiles, I think pretty much any pokemon on them have been previously made as plush (and therefore their art has been re-used for this merch since their original tag-art!))

more views! The mug itself is very small compared to the mugs I'm used to, it seems like more of a teacup! SMALLER IS CUTER

The dish fits perfectly into the top of the mug! I'm thinking of maybe using the dish for candies or something :)

I ended up getting three of the plush: Squirtle, Charmander and Cyndaquil!

At first I was mostly set on getting just Charmander and Squirtle, but I'm so glad I picked up Cyndaquil in the end. :) All of the plush are unbelievably soft!!

Something happened though. :( I was touching Squirtle's tail (not even tugging, just holding it and touching it's fabric) and suddenly the thread holding the swirl to the tail snapped! ;_; Ahhhh. I'm hoping I can fix this... I don't think I have thread quite as thick? Does anyone have any tips?

Thanks for looking everyone! Sorry for all the crappy photos, oops. (Flash made them look worse)
Tags: canvas, charmander, cyndaquil, squirtle
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