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december pokepin commissions!

It's that time of month again! Poképin commissions are now open! =D

Pins from the last round of commissions have are in the process of being made and will be shipped off as soon as I have them, so now it's time to take on the last round of the year.

November's round took an unexpectedly longer time to complete because of some unforeseen circumstances, which is why I didn't offer mid-November commission slots. >_< This time, I'm starting a day early and at least get them done a bit early and so you guys can get this batch before Christmas! I won't be offering mid-December slots because it's finals for me at that time, and I wouldn't be able to get to them until after Christmas-time. But if I feel like I can take one or two more people's requests for this round, I will make a new post with more available slots, but the extra slots would be at max 3 pins each, so if you're looking to get more than 3 pins, sign up for a slot NOW! XD
I won't be taking any extra commissions besides the 5 slots I'm offering right now; this batch is already A LOT of pins. XD

But anyway, 5 slots are open! Go, go, go, go, go!~
There is only one slot left!

(fake cut to the poképin commissions page!)
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