thegrasspatch (thegrasspatch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a present?

I'm looking for something extra special for Christmas for my best friend. She REALLY, REALLY loves Flygon, and I'd REALLY like to get her this plush:

(Sorry if I stole someone's picture. D: )

I know some people have been selling a couple recently, but I forgot who. >_>
So if anyone would like to sell any, I'd really appreciate it!

Also, if you happen to have one, a metal Dragonair charm would be delightful, too:

I'm looking not to spend more than $50 total if that's even possible. $65 if I really wanted to stretch it. Of course I can be flexible when it comes to Aya's gifts! ~

So will you help me make her dreams come true? <3
Tags: dragonair, flygon, wanted
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