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Hello Pkmncollectors Community,

My name is Andrew, and I am 18 years old. I am a huge Pokemon fan since, and I also love collecting Pokemon TCG cards, Plush, and anything that seems interesting. Also, I love playing pokemon ds/gamboy/gameboy advance games. In the past few months, I have stumbled upon this website, and thought that this community was a place that I need to a part of because its a great place for me to be more involved in my love for Pokemon. I've enjoyed many of the collections that people have posted up, and they have inspired me to further my collection. I've started collecting Pokemon cards ever since I was a little kid trying to save up money for booster packs, and just recently I have been collecting Pokemon Plush's. The reason why I got into the habit of collecting plush's was because my girlfriend saw how much I loved Pokemon, and for christmas she bought me a Aipom Plush. That started my addiction to collecting.  Overall, I hope to be more involved in the Pkmncollectors community in order to enhance my collection.

Also, just for fun here's a list of my favorite Pokemon:

1. Scraggy (He is amazing in the anime, and I feel like I connect with him the most lol)
2. Flygon 
3. Hydreigon
4. Aipom
5. Sceptile

And, here's my collection

Tags: collection, introductions, plush, scraggy
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