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Re-Intro and Huge Collection Update!

Hey guys! Long time no post! My activity here kind of failed earlier in the year due to a lot of bad RL happenings and starting university, but I am still around and have been commenting a bit/buying things still! :) Anyway I thought it was time for a big collection update from me and a re-intro since we have so many new members here now. ^^ Be warned this post will get big! XD

So yes, I tend to go by either Bratja or Sarah online, I'm a 23 year old lady-person from the UK currently studying Digital Arts at uni. o.o I was really into Pokemon when it first reached our shores, Blue is the only one to date that I completed 99.9% (I couldn't get Mew then but it was complete in the game anyway~ |3). I kind of fell out of it around the 3rd Gen and forgot about it since it 'wasn't cool' anymore but then later on down the line I started playing Crystal again and got hooked. >_>;; My dad bought me Emerald, then Platinum and I was HYPED for Black/White again (got White), then I found this place and decided to join and thus I am fully obsessed once more and broke! XD I also really love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games and want more merch from it. ;w;

At the moment my main collection is Reshiram. I fell in love with the beast as soon as he was revealed and knew I had to collect him! ;; I also have side collections of N (who I like to pair with Reshi), Lugia, Riolu/Lucario, Mew, Wooper/Quagsire, Abra and Heracross along with a few items of other random favourites - I tend to fall for birds and dragons. XD Honourable mentions of favourite 'mons - Treecko line, Swablu/Altaria (esp. shiny!), Natu/Xatu, Flygon, Archen/Archeops and Rufflet/Braviary. X3 And for Lucario/Mew I am most interested in movie stuff even though I can't usually get it because it's too popular/expensive. ;^;

To see my collections look below the cut! :D Also pics of some of my latest gets including Mew stuff and Canvas Plush! ^^

MPC Braviary and Scraggy!

My Reshiram collection so far (and random Victini~ XD)

Flygons, Dewott and random OC dragon Terra made by sorjei X3 And Durarara!! keychains lmao

Pika and Pichu were freebies! And pink Gen V stamper you can't really see, plus my Natu :3

Riolus, Lucarios and Mews X3

Quags and Upah! Plus Bobble-wott from McDs and a tiny Altaria Bell~

Mew Tail charm from usakochan :)

Abraaaas (and few other evos)

Lugias, TY Beanies and Zorua Pokedoll~



N stuffffs, hoping to get the dot sprite promo stuff too, and more customs from sorjei! <3

Where my Reshi figs used to be, but various tags/flats and a rubber strap X3

Custom Quag by bluest_mercury and Lucario cushion :3

Custom Swoobat and Jakks Sprites also sent by sorjei! XD

And now recent gets! Ignore the crap in the background :P Charmander and Treecko Canvas Plush, Reshi Clipping Figure, Mew Bound Ball, Reshi/Zekrom washcloth and a gorgeous sculpt of Mew and Pokemon Time Mew by poliwhirl - parts of the base glow in the dark! ;o;

Close up of sculpt (and ball), it's practically zukan size X3

Close-up of washcloth!


There's a reason why I especially wanted these two Canvas! Basically the first time I played Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue, I played as a Charmander and my partner was Treecko. I actually got really attached to the pair of them as a team and as friends, and so I sought plush of them both of a similar size/style. But I had trouble finding anything and in a style I liked too (I'm a bit fussy about Treecko and Charmander plush :/). Then... they announced these new Canvas plush and when I saw they had Charmander and Treecko I knew I had to have them. o.o;; So I made them little felt scarves and they are perfect and I love them~! |3


Whew! Only thing I forgot to include was the Pokemotion! Maybe I'll try and get a vid of it sometime. :3 I'm also hoping to get a grail soon from the wonderful cyritic once my money gets in so I can pay the rest off <3 And a huge box of stuff from sorjei!

Thanks to everyone who has added to my collection over the months and sorry for my absence or if I missed anyone! ;o; <3
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