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Monthly PokeCen Pikachu Auction

Hi comm! Today I bring you an auction for these lovely Pokemon Center Monthly Pikachu plushies!
The are all MWT, but their hang tags have crease.

Auction ends! Thanks for bidding! :D

Auctions will end on 7/12/2011 (Wednesday) 12noon GMT+8 
Countdown Timer here

BIN option is available ~

Pikachu with Spheal is NOT for sale, sorry! (It's too cute D:)

Pictures of the hang tags

January (Pikachu with Ho-oh kite)

February (Pikachu with Luvdisc) 

April (Pikachu with flowers)

May (Pikachu with Magikarp)

June (Pikachu with Castform)

September (Pikachu with pom-pons)

October (Pikachu with fruits)

- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 25/09/2011
- I accept paypal only.
- Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees.
- I ship internationally from Hong Kong via standard airmail. You can choose to add an extra of $2 for a registered mail, which tracking will be included. (Insurance is not included)
- I am not responsible for any lost and damage after posting.
- Community rules are applied. No deleting bids and sniping.
- Auctions will be ended on 7/12/2011 (Wednesday) 12noon GMT+8.
- Winners are required to pay within 72 hours after I give you a quote. Please be sure that you are able to pay at that time.

Lastly a sales plug to end this post XD
Tags: auction, group auction, pikachu, plush
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