Josh ~ 水ポケモン (joshpho) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Josh ~ 水ポケモン

Haruka/May wants!

Hi all-
As limited as her merch is, I've decided to try to start a May/Haruka & Torchic collection! She's my favourite character from Gen III, so I thought I would post a wants list here and see what people her. Also, I might be interested in customs (especially figures) and things not listed, so give me a shot if you have anything of her!

(Image credit to RocketHaruka!)

From this image:

(pic from absoln
  • ^^^ Keychain figure - big want!
  • "May's Torchic" Japanese TCG (Anyone know how rare this is?)
  • Advance generation postage stamp page (link:

  • May "diorama" figure. Very much a grail; not expecting to get this any time soon, but am willing to drain my wallet for the event that it comes up ;D
  • May stamp-block thingy: (pic from absoln
  • Jirachi and Manaphy movie flats
  • ... And any other Haruka-related merch!
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