Maggie (yellowmudkip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Minor Collection Update!

Pretty fast for an update from me, but I couldn't help but share some new gets that arrived early <3

Applause Pidgey, Slowpoke from [info]rally274's GA, and another applause Eevee!

Applause Eevee and Pidgey were from a lot on ebay, that I sniped at final few seconds. I was excited to get them <333

The applause collection so far. Thanks to [info]carriesagun I'll be holding an Applause Caterpie hopefully before 2012. <33 Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuch <333 I only have 2 applause left!

Now I have 3 Applause Eevees! :3

Buneary Pokedoll from ebay. I got her for $8. Her name is Alice <3

Pachirisu pokedoll from [info]emii234 :D He's a questionable bootleg, but that didn't deter me from getting him. He's cute :3

MUDKIP CANVAS <33333 I was so excited when he arrived!!! I'm naming him by his japanese name; Mizugorou.

So far these are the 3 canvas plush I have. Mizugorou fits right in!

Now for some mugshots <3

Shake dat tailfin <333

I coudn't help but bring him with me yesterday to my Socialolgy class <3 and my computer class today! Thank you [info]denkimouse!

So thus ends this collection update, thanks for reading!

Small wants post:

These are the LAST two applause that I need Koffing and Gastly, and I know they're the rarest. If you are considering of selling yours please contact me. I will throw money your way <333 Thanks!

Tags: collection, gastly, koffing, mudkip, plush, wanted
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