x_xjokerx_x (x_xjokerx_x) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So much want + Movie

-Banette Plush (massive)
-Banette charm
-Shuppet halloween keychain (to match my banette)

Pretty sure that's all the collection pieces I've been looking for and come up short.
(someone else's image/collection used)

And I bought a Banette Chess piece! I can't wait for it X3

I also got a mini Tynamo plushie I bought online. He's so cute! Sorry I don't have pictures but hes only a few inches long so he's teenie sized!

I found out the nearest premier of the Pokemon movie 14 is 5 hours away from me...why must I live in the boondocks? I really hope I don't miss any cool downloads or stuff. I might make my friend across the country go because he lives nearby a theatre XD
Tags: banette, shuppet, wanted
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