aviatrices (aviatrices) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction + Wants

Hello everybody! I have been a member of this community for a while, but don't think I have actually posted myself! I became a fan of Pokemon when I was young, around 7, and collected the cards but that was about it and completely forgot about it. Then, I came across Snivy merchandise and completely fell in love again!

Here is my collection thus far:

As you can see, I L O V E Snivy :'3

Meanwhile, for Christmas I would love to get some people Pokemon stocking stuffers. I am currently looking for:
- Lapras Kid figure (not picky when it comes to which kind)
- Marill Kid figure
- Oshawott McDonalds Toy
To be shipped to California.

Thank you in advance! :3
Tags: introductions, lapras, marill, oshawott, scolipede, snivy, swadloon, wanted
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