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Really Small Sales!

sup guys.

So I have a couple of things that I really want to get rid of, since I need room for SOMETHING AMAZING THAT IS COMING. Plus, I need some money for the holidays.

- I ship from California. I am willing to ship internationally.
- I will only accept Paypal. NO E-CHECKS.
- Once items leave my hands and are shipped, I am not responsible if it gets lost or damaged. If you are very worried about these things, ask about tracking or insurance for an added fee.
- I have a dog that SHEDS A LOT. I will lint roll items before I send them off, but if you are severely allergic to dog fur/pet fur in general, then I suggest you not buy from me.
- When sending payments, PLEASE include your username and what you bought in either the subject line or the note.
- Sales permission was granted by linealba a long, long time ago.

First up, I have this lot:

This lot was initially put up on eBay, but I have taken it down to try to sell it on PkmnCollectors, since I want to try to sell it ASAP. I am asking for $50 shipped (within the USA)! The lot includes:

- Large Palkia Plush (Banpresto, I believe) MWT
- Large Elekid Plush (Banpresto?) Like New
- Mew Banpresto Plush Like New
- Piplup pokedoll (No tush or hang tag)
- Meowth TOMY Plush
- Small Nightmare Before Christmas Plush, I believe (Not Pokemon, but just an added little gift!)
- Two Piplup beaded sprites
- Two Pokemon bookmarks featuring Pikachu, Piplup, Celebi, and Zorua, and Entei, Suicune and Raikou
- Two Piplup megabloks
- Arceus mini binder
- Cyndaquil kid
- Alakazam v-chip figure
- Marshtomp v-chip figure
- RARE Pokemon Time Purse featuring Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander
- Three Pokemon Center plastic bags featuring Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Munna, Pikachu and Sandile

Next up are the left overs from my auctions. Since they had no bids, I am straight selling them:

Inflatable Pikachu - $7

Inflatable Chimchar - $7

Shiny Sandile Plush by DarkDragonKaida - $10

Shiny Sandile Plush by LyndsayGoRawr - $10

Remember I am up for haggling, because I just want these things gone ;o;

And for those who have won my auctions that ended yesterday, PLEASE pay for your items. I want to get these items shipped out ASAP and since finals are coming up, my shipping time will be very sporadic. Please check the comments here: CLICK ME
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