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Darcy Fremd

My first Sale featuring~Wailord! and Commissions?

Okay guys, I know I made a mistake earlier today by accidentally thinking it was a day later than it was and had to unpost a post of a GA that was up for like 5 seconds, so if this needs to go because of that, let me know. Thanks~

Today what I have for you guys is a single Pokemon Time Wailord cushion~! I have 5 coming into my possesion and I have 3/5 with me now. I gave one to my boyfriend for an anniverssary present and kept one for me, as we have a matching Wailord couple with a Skitty baby named Bubblegum~<3  This leaves one Wailord cushion in my home for sale! Of the other two coming in, I promised a sale to one person already, and the other goes to a close friend who couldn't get enough of my wail. ^^;

I don't have my camera on me right now, so this image I found on Google is there for those who forget what this lovely beast is!

The details are it's a fresh out of the box NWT mint Pokemon Time Wailord Plush!
I'm looking for 85-100 if that's a poor price...let me know guys!! I'm still new to pricing, I usually go too low, and I don't want to do that, so keep me in line if I'm out of it. :) Thanks everyone! 

EDIT: Okay so guys, I was looking around and was wondering if people would be interested in custom Pokemon ornaments, stickers, possibly coasters, or poster stamps? I've yet to make any yet, but I'm guessing I could gauge interest and also make some in bulk of popular Pokemon wants~! I was also thinking shoes, but they'd be REALLY expensive, and in a limited style choice until I can think of a more cost efficient way to do it ^^;
You can see examples of my artwork on my DA ---> pa-paiya.deviantart.com

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