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A small Christmas wishlist

Hello again everyone! I've decided I'll be waiting until after the first of the year for one big update. That's because a) I just got a job (which means more money for pokemon XD) and b) I will be getting some good stuff for Christmas... well hopefully ;) Any help you could give concerning some wishlist items would make my Christmas sooo much better!

I've narrowed it down to two very important pieces for now. One being the DX Banpresto Charizard 

(For some reason I'm having a hard time uploading pictures to post, so I'm just adding the links of these pictures from PokePlushProject. Please forgive me!!!)

I have Blastoise and Venusaur is on his way, so this would be AMAZING to get and complete my set!

A few weeks ago I asked everyone if they had a favorite Pikachu and I've narrowed it down to one that I ABSOLUTELY must have soon!!!

This fella is calling my name. If anyone sees him or may be selling him please let me know. That goes for Charizard too. I'm willing to talk prices. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!
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