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Cherrygrove City Sales and Auctions

A few items on the agenda today :D A quick but awesome update, GA payments, sales involving over 100 battrios and auctions!

I'm so psyched to get this! A huge thanks to fizzycat who alerted me to this just as I was going to go offline and got a chance to BIN it! And meowthcollector is AMAZING because I got this a few days later!!! So minty and I'm guessing rare!

Final payments for this GA
this includes shipping from Noppingto me and shipping from me to you
cyritic, your total comes to $11.86
[info]Jonathan Resendiz, your total comes to $7.39

please send to dreamingofhope[@]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

Sales Rules
- I am located in Oklahoma, USA

- I only accept Paypal
- When sending payment, remember to put down your username and what you're buying!
- do not back out. I am starting to get annoyed with the number of peoplel who back out and I will start to neg people.

Japanese release Arceus Pokedoll (tush tag only) - $20?

Whimsicott Pokedoll - $25 ON HOLD

I have over 100 of these and I just want them gone. Make me a nice decent offer for any please!!
They are sorted in piles so just say "tepig" or "pansear blue" if there's more than one kind.
I just want them gone ;o;

Auction Rules
- I ship from Oklahoma, US. I am new to US postal service so if I overcharge postage, I will refund the difference
- Let me know about payment plans if bidding goes high enough but please ask BEFORE bidding!
- if you back out, I will neg you. straigha way. no funny business.

Auction ends Monday 5th December at 12pm CST
Countdown is here

Charmander Pokedoll Charm - start at $30!
This little guy is minty fresh and still in package! He is based on the pokedoll and came from the Pokemon Center. I think he's a wrist strap.

10th Anniversary Squritle Pokedoll - start at $25
Squirtie is minty minky and so lovely but he only has his tush tag. Won't you give Squritie a home?

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