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Look at the little guy I picked up from Shopko! Also, looking for colored mini-figs still!

I found this adorable little plush there and took a photoshoot with him! :P

My boyfriend and I were in Madison to do some Christmas shopping(he bought me an awesome ring!) And we stopped into Shopko so he could pick up some cough drops and then I wanted to check out which plush they had there and I found Tepig! I was so excited that I had to buy the little guy! :D

And then I took pictures with him this morning after I got ready for class, haha!




I love his little lopsided face, haha! And his fabric is soooo soft! :D
His name is Baby Nipples, courtesy of my boyfriend, haha!

One day when I was playing Black, my boyfriend looked over and saw Pignite and thought he looked like he was wearing some kind of weird tassels and named him Nipples. X3 So Tepig is Baby Nipples and Emboar is Ultra Nipples, haha X3

Anyway I've gotten a bunch of new stuff since my last collection update but I'm going to wait a little longer for an update because I still have a lot coming in ^^;; *has buying problems LOL*

On to my wants! :D
I'm looking for colored mini-figures! My current super wants are Growlithe and Arcanine!
Secondary for the mini-figs are Mew, Eevee and Pikachu! (Would also look for Eeveelutions)

There are others I want, so if you have some for sale, just let me know, but those five are the ones I want to hunt down first! Thanks for your time!

Tags: arcanine, collection, eevee, growlithe, mew, pikachu, tepig
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