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GB - Black and White Stamps!!!

I deleted my last post, since it was only a little wants post, and now found the item... and it's in this set! I'm deciding to host a GB for it! I will be claiming Mienfoo!

The 13 small stamps will be $1.75 and the 4 larger stamps will be $2! If I can get enough interest, then I'll purchase it and be able to ship everything out over my winter break! :)

Let me know if you want to claim anything!

Scraggy: jeansama 

Lilligant: eternal_rena

Cubchoo: jeansama 

Lillipup: usagimakeup

Vanillice?: tsuki_no_eifie 

Joltik: darkangelilith 

Snivy: citrusleaf

Littwick: jeansama 

Reuniclus: papaiyacoffee

Audino: celestial_snake

Purrloin: tsuki_no_eifie 

Ducklett: pacificpikachu

Pikachu and Cinccino: papaiyacoffee

Emonga and Whimsicott: squalls_scar 

Oshawott, Cinccino, and Pikachu: papaiyacoffee

Pikachu, Whisicott and Emonga: squalls_scar 

Let me know if you have any questions or if I've done anything wrong! This will be my first GB!

Thanks guys :) And I hope everyone has changed their facebook profile pictures to a Pokemon due to December starting... :D

EDIT: EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CLAIMED and the set has been purchased! Thanks so much, guys! :) I didn't realize it would happen so quickly! 
Tags: group auction
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