Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

plush sales!

a reminder: pickups for these items start tomorrow! :D

i have plush for sale -- customs, and officials, a couple for shelf price or LESS than shelf price!! seriously!

customs from my personal collection... goodbye sweet princes :( someday, i will have a BIG house! all customs are in perfect shape and beautifully made by great artists i highly admire!

raichu surfing on his tail is 25$.
"flat" raichu plush is 18$.
magneton that can be detached into seperate magnemites by buttons! is 15$!
fleece gizamimi raichu is 25$.
little fuzzy joltik is 15$.

official plushies! most mint with tags, extra stuff i accidentally amassed over the years!

taffeta raichu: 12$
canvas pichu with tag!: 25$
mini snivy UFO catcher: 5$
reversible chillarmy: 25$
sleepy in a bed snivy (x2): 25$
victini pokedoll (x2): 20$

finally: i have one final snaptoys prototype venusaur. it is the last prototype plush my source had in store. you can find more info about this plush's incredible rarity here on the old auction post for the other. he is one of only 3 known to exist in the entire world, a prototype used for shows, mint condition, and waiting for a venusaur lover to love him!

he is 150$. EMS shipping for him is 15$.

comment if interested in anything -- haggling is welcome :)
thanks guys :)
Tags: plush, sales
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