harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Sales - Zukans, Kids, Xmas Charms, Motion Toy

Hey guys just some mini sales today.

Rules for my sales can be found here: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html
Similarly, the link leads to my permanent sales post in which any of the items can be combined shipping with those sold here - this includes display case pickups

Sales Permission Granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11


Petilil, Deerling, Weavile - $5
Vullaby, Excadrill - $6.50
Rest - $6
I may have doubles of some, so feel free to ask.
Sold: Joltik

Have Doubles of Excadrill, Petilil


Shiny Raikou, Celebi/Piplup/Pikachu Diorama - $7
Chansey and Aipom Line - $6

Christmas Charms - Victini, Emboar, Scraggy
$6 each

All Sold


Don't mind the horrible photos
Klink, Darumaka, Yamask X 2, Fraxure-  $4 each

Motion Toy - Zekrom $16

Well, that's all from me. Just an update on the GSC Zukan 1 GA, noppin's really taking their time in packing my stuff so sorry for the delayed payment 2.
Tags: aipom, ambipom, blissey, celebi, chansey, darumaka, deerling, drifblim, eelektross, emboar, excadrill, fraxure, joltik, klang, petilil, pikachu, piplup, porygon-z, raikou, sales, scraggy, serperior, vullaby, weavile, yamask, zekrom
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