Articuno (articuno144) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update + Wants, Please Help! ^v^

Another call to anyone who can help me obtain my last three plushies needed for my collection :> Here is my entire collection of Lugia plushies as it stands today including the latest jumbo plush received yesterday:

Lugia Plush Collection
Please excuse the terrible quality, taken with my phone in the dark!! At the moment I am ONLY collecting Lugia plushies, unless figures are free ;D lol, this is why I am only photographing the plush collection and not the figures ^^;

Now if anyone can help me get these three, my life will be complete XD

Lugia Plush
Mini "keychain plush" from back in 2000 :>

Bandai Lotto giant Lugia (I have the bootleg at least ^^)

Lugia Plush
Banpresto Lotto Giant Lugia!

If you have any of these, seriously.. NAME YOUR PRICE ^v^ Thankyou for reading everyone!
Tags: collection, lugia, wanted
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