Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

Auction reminder!

Hey guys Just a reminder for my HUGE jakks palkia/mirage pikachu auction.The auction ends tomorrow at 6.30pm (18.30) GMT That is less then 24hrs away. Palkia has no bids yet Mirage piachu is at the starting bid- this is your chance to get a rare mirage plush!

Click on the link to go to the auction.

News!!! My big want has arrived ( and survived uk customs with only a sqaushed box) so expect an update this weekend.

I can't upload any pics tonight sadly.

Thats all for tonight!

Auction ended!

EDIT: I will post my update when LJ lets me upload some pictures. You can't have an update  without pictures!
Tags: auction, palkia, pikachu, plush
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