psy_man (psy_man) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for...

Hey all, been a while since i posted so i don't feel too bad about bugging people with a wants post.

I got some loose zukans in the mail today from pokepalace and i figured i take a moment to ask if anyone has some loose zukans (or cheap sets) they are willing to part with. i'm dreaming of catching all original 151 in zukan form. so if you got some good ones feel free to pitch them too me, but the ones i'm most after right now are:

oddish, vileplume,

belsprout, weepingbel, victorybel,


zapdos (if its affordable)

doduo and dodrio,

(pics from zukan ranger)

again there are certainly more i'd be interested in, but if you are looking for a few extra bucks in Christmas cash for some tiny figures you don't look at anymore than hit me up.

Tags: wanted, zukan
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