::drag0n aura:: (drag0n_aura) wrote in pkmncollectors,
::drag0n aura::

sparkly new gets! and small sales!

Yesterday night I arrived to a large package on my doorstep... inside was THIS!:

The cards look amazing; I really love Victini, Zekrom and Reshiram's artwork.
The Landorus full art card is also amazing.
The holofoil pattern on the cards is similar to the Victini Half Decks, but not identical as originally reported.
I prefer these though, as perfect five pointed stars aren't really my thing. XD

This product was a gift box, and it certainly had other things that I'm not really interested in keeping. XD
So with this, I bring you mini sales with extra cards, a deck box, coin boxy thing, and some flats. =3

Click the banner below to go to them!
Click on Japanese TCG for the extra cards and Plush, Figures, More for the rest of the goodies!

Tags: collection, sales
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