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Taking requests for Japanese McDonalds toys

So LJ is all screwed up and I can't make a post how I want to.... sorry for that!

However I don't wanna wait to take requests for the new Japanese McDonald's toys coming out in 2 weeks!
Here is the lineup:

and there is information on this blog post:

The toys will cost $11 each, shipped worldwide. Payment will be collected after I have your item in hand.
The requests will be taken on a "first to comment" basis, and will NOT be based on character, rather, based on the wave they are released in. So basically, in wave 1, if 3 people ask for Pikachu, then person #4 asks for Zekrom, I will get the 3 Pikachu first. (Hope this makes sense).
Also, there is a limit. I don't want to gain lots of weight from eating too many Happy Sets, so I will likely be able to get only 4-5 from each wave. I will take requests beyond that, but remember: nothing is guaranteed!

Wave 1 (Pikachu, Victini, Zekrom, Thunderus) released December 16th:
1. azureyoshi Zekrom
2. eternal_rena Victini
3. chibi_flare Pikachu
4. chibi_flare Victini
5. orangegarchomp Zekrom
6. bluehyaku Victini

Wave 2 (Oshawott, Tornadus, Reshiram, Landorus) released December 23rd:
1. tamago226 Oshawott
2. jadekitty777 Reshiram
3. krista0000 Oshawott
4. papaiyacoffee Oshawott
5. eternal_rena Reshiram

*****EDIT***** Feel free to comment with interest, but I most likely won't be able to fill anymore requests past the above list.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 3/17/11
Please bookmark this post if you are requesting!!!
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