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Small sales: Chou gets, clipping figures, and poseable figures :D

[Edited on 3.1.2012] This sales post is closed! Please visit here to find the remaining items ;3c

Hello everyone! I have some tiny yet detailed painted stuff for sell—no they are not zukans, they are chou gets and clipping figures! (Which are sometimes even prettier than zukans if you ask me OwO)

Well since these are all very tiny things, most items are around $2-3, and nothing is above $5~

Here are the official pictures for the sets that I’m selling:

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011.
I ship from Hong Kong, and shipping+fees starts at around $2!
Detailed rules for my sales can be found here! And here is my feedback thread :3c

And here’s a photo for what is available! All mint in package with gashapon paper/boxes~

$4: Mow Rotom (because personally I like it a lot >v>)
$3: Giratina (Origin Forme)
$2: Monferno,
Lucario, Riolu
Regirock, Staravia, Mesprit
Individual photos for each figure are here!

Silver version is available for all chou gets listed above! (Except the one for Mow Rotom ^^;)
Buy them for $0.5 separately, or get them for free if you’ve brought the corresponding chou gets above! (e.g. a colored Lucario for a silver Lucario).

Clipping figures comes with cards! You can choose to have the box too (may increase shipping a bit though).
Candies will be cut out before postage because they are expired already >v>

$5: Entei, Froslass, Cherrim, Heracross
$3.5: Dusknoir, Grotle, Tropius,
$2.5: Rhyperior, Machamp
Individual photos for each figure are here!

Boxes come with two styles, so feel free to choose the one you like if you want them :3c

They will be flatten before shipping to save fees~

Last but not least, I also have some poseable figures for sale :3c

(Lucario is not for sell >v>)

These come with the paper insert too!

Well…these are originally mint with package too, but I can’t resist to play with them for a while xD At least they’re still never been displayed now…
$3: Kyogre
$2.5: Munchlax, Mew (has a blue mark on its leg)
$2: Regirock

...And that's all for now!
Next time I'll try to figure out how to price the Johto starters line zukans and...lots of Pokemon kids 8)
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