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Collection Update! :3 (plenty of pictures!)

So this is a little story about some recent gets.I've been searching long and hard to find more of the Jakks toys. Unfortunately, the Toys R Us and Target I frequent only ever have Munna and Pidove...

So recently I was by Kmart, and I had to run in and check. I usually stay away from Kmart because all the ones around me are super trashy. I picked up these two as well as Pansage but had to embarrassingly put Pansage back when I realized they were more than they were at anywhere else I had seen them.
They're cute, though, right.

So then, I went back and bought Pansage as well as Oshawott and a Munna since it was "Buy 2, Get 1" a few days later.

Also very cute! Pansage's poof-thing has a weird texture, I sort of wish it was just poofy shaped fabric..oh well.

But, what really inspired this post was coming home last night to find that my boyfriend had found all these....

So excited! And lemme' just say, Scraggy and Pignite have to be the cutest ones I have! So cuuuuuuuuuute.

Also I picked up this at Goodwill a few weeks back and just had to include it.

And here's an updated picture of my "plush pile"~~

Does one have to have sales permission to buy off of here? Or no? I didn't see anything in the rules, but I may have missed it! Thank you~

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