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I saw the Zekrom Movie today! + Collection Update

My most local movie theater didn't air the movie but one about 45 mins from here did,so I went there. I kept the movie tickets we got to put on my memo board:

I liked the movie,although I had always wanted to see the Black version the most of the two, but I can watch that on Cartoon Network when it comes on later this month. There was a mention on the official Pokemon site of some kind of gift given to those who saw the film, but whatever it was-I didn't get it. Bit disappointing,but it was still nice to see a Pokemon film in theaters again. (Last one I saw that way was the first movie!)

Aki came with me. <3

And here is my little collection update:

All  of my starter canvas plush except Oshawott who is on the way. I only got the starters that I had in game, Charmander (named Sora after my in-game one) is the cutest.
Tags: canvas, charmander, chikorita, piplup, torchic, victini
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