myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

more wants and reminder

Firstly, i forgot about my offers on my Braviary plush so this is my final reminder!
They will end in 24 hours so that will be 22:00 pm UK time on sunday!

Heres the link -

Also some wants!
Theres 3 TFG im after and hopefully I can get them all pretty cheap

Im after a charizard, surge and gyarados TFGs, I dont care if the charizard is official or bootleg and would like these as cheap as possible as im going to be editing them. Id like to offer about $10 shipped for each (hope that offer is ok!)
So please get in touch!
(and yes, i know theyre all on ebay but ebay overcharges SO MUCH!)
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