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So I got back from Texas yesterday evening. I was there for spring break, visiting my very rich and religious cousin Nick, who is 16, and my aunt Liz. Unfortunately, Nick's three older sisters weren't there, and he had school that week, so we didn't see much of them. We did, however, party it up on Thursday night; having a party in their huge, heated, waterfalling pool and jacuzi, and then watching Juno while pigging out on Centenial Cupcake ice cream. Too bad it was only for a week. And the only reason I really wanted to come home after that was because I knew I had many packages waiting for me. The first one was this Charmander backpack who I named "Slushie" because he smells like one. 8D The second was a ManaFione zukan (my first one ever, actually), and the third and fourth were Pachirisu things that I added to my

Can you find the new stuff?

One of the things I'd ordered came with 6 stickers, only one of which was Pachirisu, so I am selling the other 5 and a bunch of Kids, TOMY figures, Jakks, and smallish keychains. All of those can be found in the...

US - $2.50
UK - $4.00
AU - $6
(+ $1.50 for heavier orders)

I ship items every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

I only accept Paypal at the moment. Please send all payments to addictneo@yahoo.com. The Paypal fee is included in your total cost.

Pokemon listed under SOLD that are in italic are waiting to be paid for.

$2 each

Torterra DX Kids - $5
Custom shiny Latios by juumou - $3 (sticky and hairy)
All others - $4
SOLD: Gengar

$2.50 each
SOLD: Shinx

$1 each
SOLD: Corphish, Lanturn

TOMY figures - $2 each
TCG figures - $6 each
Large Battle Pikachu - $4
all others - $1.50
SOLD: Jiggly + Wiggly

Geodude - $2
All others - $3.50

Keychains - $2 each (ask if you can't tell what they are)
Coins - $ .75 each
tinytiny figures - $1.50 each
SOLD: Jiggly + Wiggly, Rattata

make offers
I know what it's worth.

And I'm very happy to be back, thanks for asking. I can't wait to go back to school NOT. I wish there was no such thing as school and that we just learned via our environment, meh. Oh well.
Oh yeah, kecleon_key, I got the money and I'm gonna send out the Kecleon this week. Thank you!
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