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Movie gets and thoughts! :D

I went to see the movie today and the only showtime they had here was at 1:10pm. Not alot showed up to see it mostly it was kids and only a few adults. The movie was pure awesomeness! OwO Here's 2 pics and what you get at the theater!

The poster for the movie. Only movie of Pokemon here and for all locations. Pokemon Black: Victini & Reshiram will air on CN on the 10th so both movies will run on CN 10th-11th. Today for me it was only a one time event. I'm glad I went X3

After the movie I returned home after shopping for xmas gifts. Here's what you get at the theater. You get this bag filled with Pokemon goodies and one happens to be the AR Marker for Pokedex 3D. If you didn't see the movie, you won't get this anywhere else. All theaters that did have the movie get this bag of Pokemon goodies. You also get a jumbo Victini card! :D

Also! Today lv 50 V-Create Victini is available now on Wi Fi until the 31st of Dec! Don't miss out on this special Victini! O.O http://www.serebii.net/games/currentevents.shtml

So anyone went to see the movie here on Pokemon Collectors? O.o If so what you think about the movie? :D
Tags: victini, zekrom
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