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pokemon center tohoku!

Congrats to Pokemon Center Tohoku, the new Pokemon Center in Sendai, one of the main cities in the midst of the wreckage of the region hit hardest by March's tsunami. Today is this Center's grand opening! It officially opened just under an hour ago.

Junichi Masuda, head of Game Freak, had this to say on Twitter:
"Everyone in Tohoku, thanks for all your congrats and messages!! Pokemon Center Tohoku is there together with you all. Best regards from here on in! Pokemon Centers throughout the country, let's support Tohoku!! Japan will not lose. With Pokemon Japan can become one. Let's keep going and do our best!"

People in Japan are certainly becoming one -- because I think ALL OF JAPAN is there at the new Center right now. Current wait time to get inside is 5+ hours!

In the first photo in the very very bottom left corner you can see new Tohoku Victini and Pikachu plushies. This will mean Snivy also. What will their designs be? Fans of those Pokemon, be excited!

Congrats Tohoku :)

EDIT: a new pic in which you can see some of the new plush and goods!

these children were orphaned in the tsunami. it is heartening to see smiles on their faces.
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