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Collection Closet

Hey all. Home for the weekend and while searching for recent Pokepurchases I came across something in my closet (as cats explored).

Be trippin' bawls!

One of my bags of marbles. I'm positive I have more elsewhere, but this is the Eevee set.

That balloon is over ten years old O.o

I got the tin from a garage sale, otherwise I have no idea where it's from.

The coaster was from a 7th grade class where we burned images onto stuff.

This thing is heavy!! What's inside...

URK...Avatar, Maplestory, Inuyasha, and some movie cards?

This is a cool looking Pikachu...

Rare cards (that were in those tins)

Collectors edition strategy guide with...

A holo card thing

Now for that closet!



What the heck...

Oh! It's a Play-Doh kit

These are all loose items at the bottom of the tub...mostly figures

Some old play sets. I got them from a garage sale so they aren't in great shape.

Old R/S/E tins filled with figures. That Weezing is a water toy and I like squeezing it xD the small black tin is a candy case for Pokeball shaped sweets (Yes, they're still in there. Ew...)

Two GBC cases (I have a black one too) and Groudon/Kyogre disc shooters. That Pokeball kit is for buildable figures

Missing pieces are in that tub

A far from complete set...(I didn't even get Banette D:)

That's all I can find. I FOR SURE have a box just for plush. Those will be found another day....

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: I forgot some stuff!

My GBC edition! Got it from a friend so there's some scratches.

And a framed Umbreon EX. On my wall. With the booster it came in. Could you tell what my favorite Pokemon growing up was?

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