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New Wants and some questions! :D

Hey friends, it's that time of year where I've saved up just so I can throw money at you! :D I have some new wants that are at the highest of my priority right now!

The character mug (left) from the new Dot Promo 2.

N Clearfile and Reshiram Clearfile from the new Dot Promo 2. Does anyone know if there's a matching Zekrom clearfile? And does anyone have any info/bigger (close-up) pictures of the bags, pouches, and other matching things on the left, or of the golf balls?

I'm also looking for the button pin with N!

Now I have a question to those who saw the Pokemon movie and got the goodie bag--I didn't receive one even though I went, and I wanted to know if the manga included is just the regular Black & White Adventures volume 1, or if it's got anything that makes it different. Also, if anyone has the jumbo Victini card that they're willing to part with, I wouldn't mind buying it or trading some tournament-legal cards for it c:

My wants list is here if you're interested, because there are some other things I'm looking to buy, too :3

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D

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