shiny-s (shiny_s) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Franco & Sons Mewtwo Figure Auction

Not sure how many are interested in him, but I don't collect mewtwo and I think he could go to a much more loving home than mine, cute as he is.

So here we are with an auction for him! <3

- I was granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse.
- Auction will end on Wednesday, 12/14 at 11:00PM EST sharp.
- I ship from USA 08077 to anywhere
- As per pkmncollectors rules, NO SNIPING. If anybody bids in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction will continue for another 5 minutes from that bid until no more bids are being made.
- I accept paypal only. If you're using an e-check, I will not ship your item until it has cleared.
- countdown here:

Tags: auction, mewtwo
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